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(TFT) Comments on - Sample pbem turns

	Hi all, Mack, 

	WOW !

	Now I'm really hoping someone has the time to 
lead the party.  Would we be picking up the adventure from 
here, or would it be a new campaign?

	Congradulations, on a very lively and interesting


>I mentioned before that I had run some solo pbem games for friends
>and got a few "nibbles" back from Pasha and Rick about support roles.
>I figured I'd post one of the set-ups and first 2 turns for an old friend of
>who ran a female Elf mage in the game.  They had 1-2 pages (free style)
>to describe what they wanted to do, and I rolled the results and all combat
>and sent back a narrative of the results each turn.
>enclosed find the sample.
>Eagerly awaiting your thoughts and comments (just don't be too abusive, eh?)

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