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(TFT) From: Mack Brewer - Sample pbem solo TFT turns

>>>>> Forwarded message from tft-owner@brainiac.com

I mentioned before that I had run some solo pbem games for friends
and got a few "nibbles" back from Pasha and Rick about support roles.
I figured I'd post one of the set-ups and first 2 turns for an old friend of
who ran a female Elf mage in the game.  They had 1-2 pages (free style)
to describe what they wanted to do, and I rolled the results and all combat
and sent back a narrative of the results each turn.

enclosed find the sample.

Eagerly awaiting your thoughts and comments (just don't be too abusive, eh?)

 March 20, 1996.
Initial character set-up for the "solo" quest pbem game
Female Elven mage "Gaianne"

 Long ago, and in a land far, far away there was a beautiful place known as
the Emerald Forest.  This was your home, near the shore of the Great Waters.
Life was quiet and peacefull here but for the occasional Goblin raid or
wandering Orc warparty.  They were easy prey for your tribe as you were
trained young in the way of the bow, and all your adults were masters.
Given a target, you didn't miss!  Food was plentiful and the forest was

 Unfortunately, this Idylic life could not last forever.  Many years ago a
"Merchant" ship anchored in your tribal bay to trade and talk.  The talking
went on well into the night and you kids were sent to bed early as the
adults drank to friendship and laughed.

 You awoke late and sluggish, and to your horror found yourself shackled in
along with all the other children of the village.  The "friendly" merchants
were slavers and had drugged your parents into helplessness.  It was all so
un-real , so terrifying it had to be a nightmare.
You remember hearing someone screaming as you were dragged off, past the
bodies of your parents, and slowly realizing it was you who was screaming,
tears streaking down your face, leaving a wet trail all the way to the
waiting boats.

........things go blank for a while

 ..........your next memories are of the Slavers' base/camp where you spent
many years
as a slave, ...fetching, ...cleaning, ...cooking, ...and jumping at their
every whim.

 But, bad as the slavers camp was, it was also where you met , Aakhar, the
old man
who taught you MAGIC!  He was old and "broken" when you first met, and
seemed to age faster and harder than anyone could age, and still live.  He
no longer had either the strength or the will
to cast spells, but he could still teach what he knew to a younger talent.

 And you were an eager pupil, bursting with your need for vengeance!

 You learned to control and focus your inner mana, to detect the subtle aura
all things magical possess.  He taught you how to store your own power in an
object, but it always faded away in minutes, even when you tried to
"recharge" it.

 Aakhar , said it was because the objects were too crude and common to
retain the
magick, and that it would take a special object to hold the power long
enough for it to be usefull.
He taught you to summon and throw FIRE as a weapon!  Just "sparks" for now,
but you knew
you could do it for real if you had to;....and all the sneaking around to
meet with your teacher
helped immensely as you came to realize that none of the slavers could find
you when you
quietly hid from them.

 You bided you time, patiently waiting for "the" chance to escape.
 It came in the form of a dead Elf !

 You watched them kill him and strip his weapons from his corpse.  But this
once, they
forgot to lock the armory door.  Inside you crept, and his bow seemed to
call out to you as you took it and the quiver of arrows.  Swords and axes
were there too, as well as many other
weapons, but you "remembered" bows.

 As you hid behind the stables, you felt like stroking the shaft of the bow.
You loved
the feel of it !  Impulsively, you threw your power at it so hard you passed

 .........when you awoke, the power was still there !

    ..........You had your "wand" !

 That very night, you cast your first, full Fireball and torched the
kitchens so you
could escape in the confusion.  Aakhar has passed away that evening, so
there was no further
reason to delay your escape.
   ..............you succeeded!

 Running......hiding......lost.....and alone, you eventually made your way
to "Seacroft",
a coastal fishing town in the land of Alusia.

 There was no hope of retracing your path and finding "Shaw's" slave camp,
as you
wandered lost for days before literally stumbling across a road.  .....But,
you will find Shaw
someday and avenge your parents and your tribe !

 ....luck smiled upon you when you happened across Seacroft.  You arrived at
right place, at just the right time to stop two thieves from robbing the
Alchemist & Healing
shop.  A well-placed Fireball backed up by your levelled bow set things
quickly to right,
and the owner, Connal Vardister, rewarded you well.  You had enough gold to
buy some
armor (even if it was only Cloth), get some clean fresh clothes to replace
your "rags", and
even get a room at the Silver Cutlass Inn for the rest of the week.

 With food, clothes, and shelter taken care of, for now, you settle down in
room for the night and idly toy with the amulet that Connal's sister,
Karitsa, gave you.
She said it offered some small protection against "bad" magics.  It does
have an "aura"
when you detect for one, so you guess it may do something....maybe?

 .....anyway, you're tired and tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your
Time to explore this town and it's surroundings then.  You still have 8g
left from the
reward, so you aren't completely broke yet.  Maybe tomorrow will bring some
and some answers too!

---------------------  END OF INITIAL SETUP  --------------------

Please go over your setup carefully and think about what you want your
character to do
on "her" first turn.

It can cover any time period you want from a few hours to several days or
even weeks.

You will have a map of the town of  Seascape to assist you, and you may be
able to get a
map of the local area as well, if you know where and who to ask about one.

There will be rumours and gossip floating around the taverns and
marketplace, and people
to meet or avoid.

Just think of what you might do in a strange town if you'd only just arrived
and had to plan
on living there (or near there) for a little while to recover your

You might start off just saying :

"Gaianne will wander around the town for a few hours and eventually come
back to the inn
for her pre-paid meals, and then maybe off to the Tavern to talk/listen to

 She'll look around for work the next day or two and see what's available.

 Hopefully something interesting will turn up.  If not, she'll consider
moving on
to another town or village where she can get some action and maybe turn a
few coins
her way.  She's especially interested in any bandit or "monster" activity
locally, or if
someone needs to hire on help or need rescuing...<g>.



Have a good time and you'll soon be off  "Questing" with the best of them.

This game is very loose and free-flowing so try anything you want, it just
may work!

      .............Mack Brewer

Gaianne's Solo-Quest  - Turn 1
1996 March 21 (Thu 17:21)

Having found myself in one of the most fortunate situations in my short but
brutal life,  I take some time in the morning to luxuriate in the richness
of my surroundings...and to think!  I am young, I am free, I am hardworking
and skilled...what now?  Vengeance?   Adventure?  Love??? ;)
Well, first, perhaps, get established, observe, find out more, in the way I
learned as a slave, but here in the brightness of the blessed sunlight...

I return to the shop of Vardister where I expect to be greeted warmly by he
and his daughter.  As they are the only locals I "know" (I know they treated
me very fairly and with generous appreciation) I will ask them for
information which they will know, and which I can of course trust will be
honest and accurate (as far as they can be).

I would look at what they have in their shop, perhaps I could use a healing
potion or two, I would ask what other reputable shopkeepers and services are
in Seacroft and what they would recommend for a little "window-shopping" for
things such as maps, arrows, and gifts (I want to return Karitsa's

I would also ask them if they know of any craftspeople or shopkeepers or
others who might be looking for someone to work hard and well for them, and
if they would give me a reference <g>
and finally, who would be good people to meet and befriend in town, and who
are the unsavoury characters to avoid...

After finding out about the taverns and bars, and which are the scuzziest, I
.... <sigh> ...go to
the most reputable for mid-morning refreshments (it's nice to eat out even
if there is something in the cupboard:) but I won't spend more than 1g on
it.  Perhaps smiling in a friendly way at the bartender and complimenting
him on his fine establishment will set the stage for a successful haggle for
a croissant (or the equivalent) and an ale!

Then sinking back into my non-descriptness, I sit quietly at the bar as all
the regulars drift in and out, asking the bartend what is new, and hear all
kinds of neat stuff.

I also go to the shops and places recommended to me by Karitsa and Connal
looking for good buys and for work.
After avoiding a potential brawl with a small group of irritable and loud
dwarves, I figure it is time to go back to the inn and read a good book by
the open fireplace and hear any other news that might come to light from
loose tongues or honourable passing adventurers...

Wow, that's a lot for one day!  Hope I'm on the right track DM but I know
you'll straighten me out if not....
  Thanks:) Gaianne

Gaianne's Solo-Quest  - Turn 1 results
1996 March 21 (Thu 17:21)

 You awaken slowly, luxuriating in the best night's sleep you can ever
remember. You stretch yourself  like a cat and then pinch yourself to see if
it's all real and not some fevered dream from one night too many in the
swamp you fled thru during your escape.

 Ouch!  No, it's real all right and that bring's on an even bigger smile and
a lazy, self-satisfied rush of pleasure.  Real clothes....real food.....a
real bed.....and a real chance to do something with your life.

 ......you scowl as you realize that one of the thing's on your "to-do" list
is find Shaw, the slaver leader, and practise your fire throwing on his
......mmmmmmm......nice thoughts again! You still can't quite believe how
quickly those two thieves surrendered when you threw the fireball at them
and leveled your bow.  Were they ever shocked!  Maybe they weren't used to
being "accosted" by a half-drowned, half-naked, half-hysterical blond with
an attitude......<g>

.....after a leisurely breakfast, near-lunch actually as you really needed
that sleep, you wander back towards Vardister's shop where you hope to talk
to him and his sister, Karitsa.

 ...unfortunately, someone else also has plans for you.  The village
constable (Ames Lankard)  is waiting for you as you leave the inn, and he
questions you for a while until he's sure you aren't a mere troublemaker
looking to stir things up.  You had trouble believing he was a constable at
first as he wears no armor or weapons, just his walking staff to help him
with his serious limp.  He looks very strong though and you wouldn't want to
fight him in your shape.

 Things look pretty quiet when you get to Vardister's shop, and you see
Karitsa attending to a small child with a slightly scraped knee.  She smiles
when she sees you and chit-chats while she "heals" the boy.  As he leaves
she tells you it's their "little game", and that he wanders by to get
"healed" whenever he wants some of  her berry muffins <g>

 Connal is away gathering herbs for his alchemy practise, but she is happy
to see someone new and listens raptly as you describe your escape from the
slavers, prompting you for more and more details and hanging on your every
word.  You limit the slavers to only 8 feet tall with four arms and fangs
the size of knives, but still you think she's impressed.

 Karitsa  doesn't know much about things outside of town, but she does
remember hearing the Baron's custom inspector, Fedor Girthtran, discussing
pirates and a problem with some mining village they haven't heard from in a
week or two. It's somewhere south of Seacroft. She does know that Fedor is
very handsome, supposedly good with a sword, and somewhat eager to prove
himself and do something to get out of this "backwater", as he calls it.

 She shows you some of their healing potions (3-5g/ea), and guesses you
could find arrows or something at the militia post or maybe at the
blacksmith's shop. Maybe Fedor could supply a map. Other stuff can always be
found in the marketplace.  She doesn't know of  anyone who might need more
workers but she'll be glad to ask around for you. Karitsa doesn't know any
unsavory types as everyone likes her, but the Blue Boar Tavern is a bit
"rough" and her family never goes there. The Silver Cutlass Inn is new and
very nice, and is where you are staying.

 While you are visiting with Karitsa, you are approached by Edina Stavred,
the daughter of
Edric Stavred who owns the Silver Cutlass.  Her blonde pigtails make her
look younger than her 18 years, but she's very pretty and athletic and
attracts more than her share of attention as she goes on her errands.  She
wants to speak privately with you, curious, you agree.

 Edina wants to be an "Adventurer" like you! She says she has her own
weapons and armor and is ready to strike out now that she's "come of age"
and out-grown daddy's inn. She wants you to keep this quiet for now, as
daddy may not approve and she doesn't want to upset him, even though she's
already made up her mind to go.  Your arrival was a sure sign and she thinks
you could use someone to watch your back <g>.

 After promising her that you'll think heavily on her offer, you decide to
grab some food and drink at the Inn while you consider your options.  Maybe
you can pick up some gossip while you nurse a couple of beer.

 Back at the inn, you try hard to avoid Edric's gaze while you sit and
think...and drink.....and listen to the busy chatter of the regular patrons.
Lots of sailors and a few militiamen are here and the noise is impressive.
The militia seem to have "lost" a patrol or something that was sweeping
south of the town, or maybe they're just drunk and awol..<g>. The fishermen
and sailors are complaining about their work, as usual, and about and
overdue boat.......someone mentions pirates but is quickly stifled....who'd
pirate a fishing boat?

 A handsome young man approaches your table and asks (in Elvish) to join
you, tossing a quiver down on the table and signalling for some wine.  He
introduces himself as Fedor Girthtran, the Baron's local customs inspector.
He seems quite young for such a position but carries himself  well and is
awfully charming, and handsome.  Karitsa told him you needed some arrows so
he thought he'd bring them over and introduce himself. You learn he speaks
Dwarvish as well, and loves any opportunity to "keep up" his language
skills.  He also has a small map of the nearby area for you.

 He admits to being "concerned" about not hearing from the mining village of
for a while, especially since a patrol is overdue from a routine sweep in
that general southern area.
He doesn't have any authority to investigate, but the fort will probably do
something about it
eventually.  Might make a nice pleasure trip though, if she'd care to see
something of the local area
and pay a courtesy call on the miners.  He'd love to "play hookey" from
checking cargo if she felt like checking it out.

 You chat for a while and let him know that you will definitely call on him
in the morning and talk about the "quiet" miners and the "lost" patrol.  You
notice Edina watching (listening?) as well and will have to figure out what
to do about her.  She's awfully young to go adventuring , but then again, so
are you, and you didn't set out on it by choice.....not really anyways.

 Hmmm......pirates?......lost boats?......missing militia?.......quiet

 lots of rumours but no hard info.....maybe you should just relax and enjoy
the inn's
soft beds and good food?  .......NOT !

**  Enclosed  ** 1. Map of Seacroft
   2. Small map of Local Area

**  Stat Change  ** Strength healed up to 10 out of 12 (Fatigue/exposure)
   Full Quiver of 20 arrows

************   END OF TURN - 01   *************

Solo-Quest  - Gaianne-turn 2
1996 March 29 (Fri 4:40pm)
Well, lots of possibilities....what to choose...what to choose...<g>

Another night in that lovely bed would be nice...but it won't help me find
that wicked slaver or get the skills I need to ensure his tortured and
painful and slow death....so I decide to take up Fedor on his offer, and go
to see him this morning after a hurried breakie (too excited to luxuriate

Go see Fedor, ask him to tell me all about the Baron.

Tell him that if he wishes to join with me what the rules are:  I lead, he
follows; if he proves himself I will trust his judgement as he shows his
capabilities; also that Edina will likely be joining us (if she hasn't
changed her mind) and is a pure novice, so part of his job will be
commitment to protecting her from any novice-type mistakes; and making sure
that I have all the info I need and he has about the area we are about to
navigate.  Our quest:  get safely to Redwin, find out what's happening with
the miners; and of course, always be looking for clues about Shaw and
opportunities to learn new skills and spells...

I put him in charge getting all the food and provisions we'll need, etc.  He
should know what's needed for these parts, and given what's available in the
field.  Also a safe way to test whether he really knows what he is doing <g>

Say we'll meet in the a.m. for me to check out what he has, etc.  Indicate
no pay promised, but any justly captured spoils will be divided 50% for me,
35% for him and 15% for Edina.

With my 8g I  go back to the Alchemy shop and look for a variety of potions:

Usual priorities, highest to lower...a healing potion or two...Iron Flesh
(if it doesn't reduce my dex)...Speed...

I swing by the constable's place for a little pre-trip chat with Ames
Lankard.  What can he tell me about the rumours of the ship, lost militia
patrol, and quiet miners?  Find out his attitude to his job and the area,
also what he knows and is willing to share about Fedor--any reason to think
he's not a reliable sort?  Or doesn't trust a female party-leader? <g>  Also
what he can tell me about tactics and scouting in the area, and what kinds
of races and rogues I am likely to come against!

[I need something to increase my close-up combat skills and want to learn
Martial Arts ASAP, then Drop Weapon

[I also want to find a detect traps potion or learn the spell
preferably--but secondary to learning Martial Arts]

[what level of spells can I buy and use in a potion form?]  Same level as I
could "learn" or higher?  What level of spells am I able to learn at

Then back to the Silver Cutlass, find Edina, warn her thoroughly about the
dangers of such a trip, and the dangers she can put US into, but she only
hears a little of that and is still enthusiastic about coming.
She is effusive in her appreciation of the opportunity and sees me through
rose-coloured glasses so-to-speak...hmmm...have to start helping her to
develop her own sense of self-trust and reliance ASAP...
I find out what she will bring to the party...

[need to find out stats of Fedor and Edina???]

Then I spot Edric Stavred and go to speak with him....ask if he has
something to say to me <g>...then I might tell him I have decided to allow
Edina along on the trip and there's not a damn thing he can do about it
<vbg>....or not...I might want to return and work here or something so I
don't need to alienate him if unnecessary...might be better to let Edina
just make the decision....it is hers......ya, likely will do that unless he
asks directly

Next morning, all three meet, I review and approve the provisions, etc.  We
head out in this relatively safe first part of the journey, normal marching
order (see COMBAT TACTICS) and fairly close together, although I head out
once in a while to the side to check out anything unusual, using great
stealth, etc., checking out potential cover, alternate routes in case of
trouble, etc.

Edina should stay close to Fedor who looks ahead as far as possible and
ensures Edina is safe and is not overtaxed too much by our pace...finds out
about her "gifts" etc.

Off we go on our adventure to Redwin!

(is this map cool or what!!! <g>)

(first time I imbedded an object, have patience
 with my delight over little things, k.? <g>)

End of Solo-Quest  - Gaianne-turn 2
1996 March 29 (Fri 4:41pm)

Gaianne's Solo-Quest  - Turn 2 results
March 31 , 1996.

 Gaianne wakes up in mid-dream this morning, as the tapping on her door ends
any hope of a quiet stretch and yawn in bed.
 It's Fedor.  He dropped by for breakfast and to see about his offer.  You
call thru the door to him that you'll meet him downstairs in a few minutes,
and quickly splash the sleep from your eyes and get dressed.  You feel much
better today, with the last of the fatigue from your escape finally gone.
[NOTE: Str = 12/12]
 You meet Fedor downstairs, but evade his questioning look by getting him to
talk about "The baron".
 Baron Claudius Regar lives in his keep well to the south-east of Seacroft
and owns all the lands west of the Champion River, and north of the Filgiso
Forest.  He purposely garrisoned Seacroft well, and built his keep on the
opposite end of his lands to have bases available for patrols of his
frontiers.  He is devoted to his lands and subjects, spending perhaps too
much on garrisons and improvements.  Rumour has it, he intends to found a
new fishing village at the tip of Quiet Bay, but Goblins have been ambushing
his survey parties.
 Pushing aside your now quite-finished breakfast, you tell Fedor that , yes,
you intend to set out for Redwin next morning, and you'd like him to arrange
supplies as you barely know anyone here in town.  You also let him know that
you are in charge of this "expedition" and that he has to follow your lead.
His eyebrows raise at that bold statement, and he rocks back on his chair to
"study" you.
 ....while he's thinking, you also inform him that Edina will be going along
as well, and that you want him to look after her as she's a complete novice
at this sort of thing. (so are you, you think to yourself, but better a bold
face than admit to being somewhat less than competent...<g>)
 Fedor leans forward on his chair, returning it to a level footing, and
smiles at you as he agrees to your kind "requests".  He gets up and walks to
the Fireplace and merrily burns a parchment with a yellow seal that he pulls
from his pouch, then returns and sits down.  Curiosity finally goads you
into asking about it, as Fedor is just too amused for words and just sits
there nursing his ale and looking self-satisfied.
 "Well, my dear Gaianne.", he says. "That was the writ I drew up last night,
hiring you to investigate the silence from Redwin.  It would have paid 3g a
day, plus bonuses but it just didn't seem "right" to hire my
 Torn between shock....strangling him......throwing away badly needed
gold.....you break up laughing....
 .....and when your eyes finally clear up, you see Fedor lying on the floor
gasping for breath between fits of laughter.
 "Okay.", you say. "Point taken. You keep us from getting lost on the way
and help look after Edina, and I'll respect your judgement and give more
"advice" and less orders."....<g>
 "Bargained well, and done!", quips Fedor as he crawls back up on his chair.
"I'll get what we need and meet you this evening to look it over.  There's a
clear road to the mine so we won't get lost, but maybe we should stay off it
and just parallel it?"  Then he's off "shopping".....damn!
....forgot to settle on the "split".....have to do that tonite.

 You wander off to the Alchemy/Healer shop to see Karitsa and Connal.
Cheerfully bargaining, you pick up a Healing and an Ironflesh potion, but
that "cleans you out".  They had no Speed potions and you wistfully had
hoped to double your firepower with one.  Karitsa also mentions that Ginerva
could use another worker at the Bath House/Laundry, but you seem engaged at
 Ames Lankard, you find at the militia fort talking with the garrison.  He's
heard nothing about the missing boat, but knows Fedor was thinking of
"hiring" you..<g>..to help check out the mine at Redwin.  He thinks Fedor is
a "promising young pup" who'll go far if he stops confusing duty and
heroism.  He got into a brawl at the Blue Boar tavern and would have ended
up with a knife in the back if Ames hadn't broken it up.  Seems he felt when
a lady said "No" she meant it, and tried to convince a couple of sailors of
it as well.  Ames feels that Fedor is "infatuated" with you, and you'd
better keep him at arm's length.  Too distracting on a "mission".  He'll
probably follow your "suggestions" but orders may cause friction until you
have proven yourself.
 Definitely some bands of highwaymen and outlaws out there, and some rumours
about Orcs raiding into the barony.  He'd follow the roads but stay off them
for the added cover whenever possible.  Watch the bridges as they have to be
crossed and provide ready-made ambush sites.  He grins and tells you not to
underestimate Edina, either, as he's been teaching her a "little" staff-work
and she's nimble as a cat.

 You wander off thinking about Ames's words and wishing you had learned more
spells and some sort of brawling...hhmm... you decide you'd better have a
long talk with Connal after this trip and see what he can tell you about
alchemy and potions.  How can he brew up a "spell-in-a-bottle" and what else
can he do?  Maybe he can teach you a new spell or point out someone who can.

 Back at the inn you find Edina grinning and waiting for you, but quickly
give up on lecturing her about the possible dangers as she is just too
enthusiastic and too fired up.  She thanks you about a dozen times or so,
and runs off to get her gear ready.
 Edric joins you at your table, and lectures you at length about watching
out for his daughter.  He seems resigned to the fact that short of tying her
up and sitting on her, he can't stop her from going. But, make no mistake,
if his "little girl" dies, you die!
 You almost feel like replying to that, but his icy stare chills you to the
bone and the huge broadsword he keeps above the bar looks very well used.

 Fedor and Edina return and snap you out of your melancholly mood.  The
provisions look good and you are encouraged by the well-stocked physicker
kit that Edina carries.  She says Karitsa taught her some healing.  You
remember (this time) to set the shares for the trip at 50% (you), 35%
(Fedor), and 15% (Edina), subject to change once you know what they can do.
 You all retire early to get some rest for the big day and promise to meet
at breakfast.

 Next morning, you breakfast together and check your equipment.

 Fedor is impressive in his well-polished chainmail and carries twin
broadswords sheathed crosswise and worn on his back.  You think you'd need
both hands to wield just one of them, and quietly wonder just how strong he
really is...?
 Edina is dressed in leathers and wearing a beautifull wolf's-head broach.
She has her physicker kit shouldered and carries an oaken walking staff.
She looks awfully tiny and frail compared to Fedor, but then again even her
armor is twice as good as yours.
 <sigh> You make a mental note to to get better armor as soon as you can
afford it.

 The three of you set off for Redwin, with Fedor out in front a few paces
and Edina under orders to stay tucked in close to him if anything happens.
You wander along, from Fedor to Edina, and occasionally quietly circling
wide to scout for trouble.
 All is peacefull this close to Seacroft, and you press onwards, aside from
short rests, until you reach "Four-Roads" later that afternoon.  They tell
you that a pedlar was beaten and robbed at possum bridge a few miles south
of there, on the way to Redwin.  There were 5 of them, all with leather
armor and swords.

 This could be what's behind the silence from Redwin, if their messengers
have been caught and killed.  Fedor wants to head straight for the bridge
and try to ambush the ambushers...<g>
You agree, knowing they are outlaws and possibly murderers.  Fedor and Edina
can be the innocent "victims" while you flank the bridge.

 ...later, ...you swing wide while Fedor and Edina approach the bridge along
the road.  Sure enough, you are barely in position when 3 bandits step onto
the bridge and demand their surrender.  Fedor steps in front of Edina while
drawing his twin broadswords.  Even from your hiding place you spot his
 You also spot two bowmen as they step from cover and raise their bows.

 Quick as thought, you summon the Fire and throw it at the nearest one.  It
strikes him squarely on the chest and, just as you'd hoped, torches his
bow-string thus sparing Fedor at least one arrow.  Time seems to slow down
as the bandits freeze in complete surprise, enabling you to launch an arrow
at the healthy archer.....and miss!
 Fedor lunges forward the 3 paces seperating him from the trio on the bridge
and his twin blades drink deeply of the middle bandit, and force the other
two back in shock.
...this wasn't supposed to happen!  They are the bandits and you are the

 The remaining archer lets fly at Fedor but he also misses in his haste, and
astonishingly you see Edina go somersaulting over Fedor's head and finish
off the wounded bandit with a mid-air blow from her staff.  If Ames
considers that a "little" teaching, then you want lessons!
 The two swordsmen lunge at Edina but Fedor blocks their way, taking a blow
to the side from one of them.  You again decide to use your fireball to
eliminate the other bow from the fight. It flows PERFECTLY (!), ruining the
bow, crisping the archer, ...and unexpectedly......costing you nothing!
 The two swordsmen double-up on Fedor but he parries with one sword, Edina
blocks the other with her staff, and he strikes one hard with his free
weapon.  Still, things look dicey as the bowmen draw swords and close in
where you can't fire without maybe hitting Fedor or Edina.

 Suddenly a golden cat-like form explodes into the two archers, killing the
first one with a single rake of it's claws, and knocking the second
sprawling!  As the bandits on the bridge glance behind them at this new
threat, Fedor and Edina strike!.....killing the wounded one and stunning the
second.  Glancing back, you see the "cat" finish off the fallen archer and
pause, ...standing up to look at Fedor and Edina as she wipes the blood from
her claws.

 ...it's over! ...your first battle against unfavourable odds was a
resounding success.

 ...and you have both a prisoner to question, and a new friend (?) to meet?
 ...the enemy of my enemy ?

 The cat-woman's name is Sselina, and she is the first of her race you have
ever seen.
She looks as good with her claws as Fedor does with his swords...well,
almost.  Sselina hesitantly joins your camp for the night, while Edina
bandages Fedor's wound and pronounces him fit.
You definitely want heavier armor now, as the blow Fedor took would have
half-killed you.

 You drag the bodies away from the bridge to examine them, and tie up your
prisoner.  You can't help but notice how "well-endowed" Sselina is and
wonder how Fedor is going to react to this near-Amazon party of yours...<g>

 You finish setting up camp and plan for the morrow.

**  Enclosed  ** 1.  New map of Alusia

**  Stat Change  ** Strength healed up to 12 out of 12

**  Equipment  ** Healing Potion
   IronFlesh Potion

************   END OF TURN - 02   *************

--------< Gaianne's  character stats follow >------------------

March 31, 1996.
PLAYER:  Claudette      Pts: 45  (38 basic + 2 (16g) + 5 starting bonus)
NAME:  Gaianne AGE:  21 SEX:  F
RACE:  Elf  CLASS: Mage  ( Immune to SLEEP/CHARM spells )
DEX: 18 (17)  Move:  8
STR: 12          Grp: 3
INT: 15

ARMOR:  Cloth
  +1 (vs. Physical) / 0 (vs. Magic)

Advanced archery 3 0-3 0 6 LOS 19
Advanced FIREBALL 4 0 5 6 LOS 17
(0 rounds prep vice 1 round)
Charge Item  1 1 1 n/a Touch 17
Detect Magic  1 0 1 n/a 1 pace 17
Enchant Item  2 10 10 n/a Touch 17
Literacy  1 - - - - -
Stealth   3 0 0 n/a self 17

Grp 3 bow         (relic class)  12 pt. power battery (personal)
Quiver : 20 arrows  (full)
Cloth armor   (+1 / 0)
Amulet: (originally gift from Karitsa --protects against "bad magic")
Potions: Healing (marked X)
  Ironflesh (marked I)
Money: 0 / nada / zip  :(

Left handed
Thoughtful, quiet, kind of a "mouse", tends to be nervous and has to work on
that so as not to quiver visibly before an enemy <g>
Able to project very well, almost telegraph certain emotions, especially a
of calm and wellness
Bright in terms of picking up knowledge, but has to work on creative
Good in crisis/emergency/immediate situations
Intense, committed to the quest beyond all else (well almost:)
Scared silly of the undead and spiders, even harmless ones
Allergic to cat hair (hissssssssssss!)
Only child

4 days left of room and board at the Silver Cutlass in Seacroft, you leave
unsettled for use
after your return from Redwin.

Let me know what you think of it!

Mack Brewer

<<  End forwarded message

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