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Re: (TFT) From: Mack Brewer - LONG

	Hi Mack,

	Thanks for these rules.  A bit of description on 
how your GM's prepares adventures would be nice.  Another
thing, each race had 3 attributes plus some points to spread 
around, however I had a lot of trouble figuring out what the 7
numbers for each race meant.  Obviously these rules are summaries
and people are suppost to learn by example.  An idea that
a local LARP group uses around here is that their spells need
spell components that must be found on site.  These components
are....   Garbage!!!

	That is right, while they are running around playing the
game, they are also cleaning up the park.

	Needless to say, this is PR coup.


>>>>>> Forwarded message from tft-owner@brainiac.com
>I posted this (older) version of our club's LARP(live action role playing)
>rules here, partially to accompany my comments on last week's Science
>Fiction game and partially in response to comments on the list about how
>unbalanced costs are between warrior's talents and mage's spells.
>Our LARP version assigns point costs to the more powerful spells and, on
>average, the cost of spells is about 2 pts per spell instead of TFT's

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