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(TFT) Report: Live TFT game last Saturday

    In this past Saturday's live TFT game (Science Fiction) I played a
(lesser/servant Vuxx) bodyguard/assassin. Our ship full of diplomats crashed
and we had to recover the missing components of the central computer to fix
while dealing with hostile primitive natives. I eventually found out my
"master" had
set a bomb in main engineering and for the honour of my family turned him
Much combat ensued between us and the natives and each other as rival
factions and
loyal crew battles saboteurs.

Total "Field Trip" turnout was good at 35 members for the game.(lots of
and extra roving Refs)

We (the players) lost the game however as it turned out that 7 (count em,
7!) of the
10 players had all planted bombs around the ship for different reasons and
in the
end, one of them was "guarding" the parts back at the ship and buggered off
with them
and destroyed them.
We never did get off the planet we crashed on.
Oh well, I figure I opened up a new chapter of the bodyguard & assassin's
guild there
with the natives I had befriended.

BTW- My bodyguard kicked ass! At the post-game party we got to look over
everyone's characters and all the monsters sheets and briefings. I
discovered that
there were only 3 monsters on gamesite that I couldn't kill with a single
blow if I got
a surprise strike on them and I could take out all of the players easily.
My only real opponent would have been Dale's Templar (Jedi Knight) as our
were extremely similiar in skills and he had fencing/staff for a free parry.
He was dressed
in loose brown & beige jedi colours and using a double ended light staff
like Darth Maul's.
I was dressed entirely in black with a similiar double ended black light
staff. We both
had fun pissing off the players and monsters in combat all day by deflecting
virtually all
of their bow or "blaster/rifle" shots at us. In one battle I was skulking
invisible near my
visible master and deflected 7 out of 8 rifle shots at him in one round.
(Boy! were the
attacking players pissed off!)

I had the following skills/equipment:
STR- 16, DEX- 16, IQ- 14
(Field Trip rolls 1d20 instead of 3d6 so consider his TFT dex around 12? )
Advanced Staff, Quickdraw staff, Warrior, Literacy, Stealth, Surprise
Strike, Deflect Missiles,
Disarm opponent
 Str-5 Illuma Staff (2 handed) collapable to Str-3 (one handed),
Invisibility fieldbelt w/ 2 spare
batteries, force field ring (5 uses), blast personal protection field (1
use), robe armor(2 pt)

Next game is "THE BIG ONE", full weekend game August 27/28/29 at the Boy
camp, in character 24 hours a day, sneaking around at night up to no good.
+10 Point game (50 pt characters), King Arthur and the Knights of the Round
Morgaine LaFey too, plots and revolts, Merlin having a mage's competition to
seek out
a worthy apprentice, plus the usual monsters and treasure hidden all over
the site.
I'm thinking of going as an "Ignorant, loud-mouthed Scottish Sage and
golfer" complete
with "foony hat and skirt" and loud shirt and brightly coloured plastic golf
clubs and
fishing rod. (I'm on vacation) Probably take advanced (golf)club, fencing
skill(golf club),
two-weapon skill, Alchemy (as "Brewmaster" and make Guiness(STR) and
beers/potions), and Scholar and Literacy.
I'll have to practise my accent but have already recruited a player "caddy"
to accompany me
for the game.

Mack Brewer
Halifax, N.S.

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