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(TFT) Copyright and adventure

Another question about copyright.  If I wanted to share an dungeon adventure
(actually sewer) on this list would I be interfering with FAIR USE.  This
"dungeon" was created by me in 1980 and what I have done is (actually
working on) made it a programmed adventure.  I do not want any compensation
for it, just to share it with you all.

We have been writing and discussing attributes, new talents, new spells,
etc..., and I thought adding adventures to the mix would be kind of neat.

 This adventure can be run in any city but I ran this adventure in the world
of the Free City of Haven (best $20 I ever spent except for the money to buy
TFT related products) by Gamelords.  Ironically, two years later they
received a license (or something) to do Darok and Dihad.  I bought both of
the suppliments when they first came out and I mean first came out.  It was
at a convention in Chester, PA.  I met Kerry Lloyd (who I believe has since
passed away), and I think Richard Meyer at the Gamelords booth on the Friday
at the Con.  The module (Forest Lords) was so new that the only part of it
they had was the content and not the cover.  Kerry said to wait until
tomorrow and the two would be put together.  He also mentioned future plans
for the modules mainly about the cities (most of you know the story of
that).   I asked him how they received the license for the TFT modules and
he stated (remember this is over 20 years ago) that Metagaming came to them
to do the modules because of their game Thieve's Guild and the quality of
their product The Free City of Haven.

Sorry about the "retro" and please answer this question for me.  I know I
could go to the list and find out under all the copyright questions but I
could be on the list three days looking for it and you folks are so

Yours in Cidri,

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