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Re: (TFT) Copyright and adventure


Another question about copyright.  If I wanted to share an dungeon
adventure (actually sewer) on this list would I be interfering with FAIR
USE.  This "dungeon" was created by me in 1980 and what I have done is
(actually working on) made it a programmed adventure.  I do not want any
compensation for it, just to share it with you all.

Hey Justin, I can't answer the question you posed, but I had the same
idea about sharing an adventure. I'm working on doing an overview a la
darok. I've got a fairly large island mapped out, have the rough ideas
for the geo-political situation, and am working in my brain on a series
of non linear but connected adventures to be run in the setting. The
land mass is large enough that a GM could put in his own adventures
without to much trouble, there by being able to use my work as the
backround story. 
 I'm probably not going to give TFT style statistics for any of the
major players in this world. I'm hoping to give a brief but accurate
description of each of them. That way, Each GM could adapt it as they
see fit. My hopes are to have it up on a web page at some time in the
 Does this interest anyone?

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