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(TFT) TFT: Illusions

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>>>>>   (In other games -- noteably Champions, which makes you keep track
>>>>END -- I have purposely built or redesigned most of the supervillians
>>>>"Costs No END: +1/2" on all of their powers so I don't have to do all
>>>>record keeping, freeing up my time-energy for more important GM

Even as a player, buying to 0 END then having Limited Uses or Charges
duplicates the comics far better. 

>>>>>>   Now /there's/ a character conception that I've never tried: An IQ
>>>>>>wizard.  I'll have to purposely make my next wiz like this, with a
decent ST
>>>>>>and DX, just to see how it works out.  ("Whatta ya mean ya can't make
>>>>>>illusion???")  Thanks for the idea.  8^)

I've always loved the idea of "cantrips", that is, low-level spells that
perform only minor effects. In all my fantasy games these are the *primary*
form's of magic. I treat them as 1/4-pt spells - that is, for 1 Talent
Point a wizard can have 4 of them (a hero can have 1 for IQ Talent Point). 

Over the years I've collected about 160 of them, so they make for some
really colorful "hedge" wizards...

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