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(TFT) TFT: Non-Wizard Spellcasters

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>>>>>>>>>>   By the way, after having thought about it for 16 years (taking
time out
>>>>>>>>>>for meals, of course) I must go on record as saying this: I am
rather /glad/
>>>>>>>>>>that Metagaming folded and Howard ran away to Taylor, Texas to
hide from the
>>>>>>>>>>pissed-off Unicorn Seekers.  Otherwise Howard would have
published a second
>>>>>>>>>>edition of TFT with all of his new rules imbedded in Steve's
original rules,
>>>>>>>>>>and (IMO) as a whole TFT would have suffered for it.  There! 
I've said it,
>>>>>>>>>>I got it off my chest, and I feel better now.  8^)

Well, since you're confessing I might as well pour my heart out.....

First, while I can't say I'm a fan of Howard's, I do think he might have
contributed more than we've ever known about. Several people who knew him
have said good things about him and he IS the designer of WarpWar -
possible the great space combat system ever devised. 

I also think that if the rumors are true that Steve Jackson kept Ogre
instead of TFT that has to be one of the most bone-headed moves I can

>>>>>>>>>>   Here's another spell from Interplay and Greg Sharp that I
rewrote.  The
>>>>>>>>>>original version was IQ 20 -- /way/ too high compared with

I love these spells and talents - when are they going to be be collected
and put on the web-site? 'D

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