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(TFT) TFT: Non-Wizard Spellcasters

Michael writes . . .

>Can't anyone learn a spell if they pay 3 IQ points (or whatever we're
>calling them this week!) for it?

   Yep, that's correct.

>In the case of the extremes (mice do not contiually die
>of bacteria either) you simply don't need a game mechanic
>for such macro/microscopic parts of the game. A simple
>exception for these extremes seems far more reasonable
>and realistic than changing every peasant villagers stats
>just because elephants and mice exist!

   Michael, looks like you and I are on the same wavelength on this one.
8^)  If I want to use a descrete HT stat I'll go play GURPS.  (On average HT
seems to be the lowest PC attribute in that game.  Character's DX and IQ are
almost always both higher than HT, especially in a non-fantasy genre.)

>Isn't it true that all "non-wizards" get a +1 in HTH

   Well . . .  that depends.  The Codex mentions this rule, and I think the
Fantasy Master's Screen does as well, but ITL and Advanced Melee don't have
it.  I think it was one of those new rules which Howard stuck in there after
Steve left, and personally I don't use most or all of them.

   By the way, after having thought about it for 16 years (taking time out
for meals, of course) I must go on record as saying this: I am rather /glad/
that Metagaming folded and Howard ran away to Taylor, Texas to hide from the
pissed-off Unicorn Seekers.  Otherwise Howard would have published a second
edition of TFT with all of his new rules imbedded in Steve's original rules,
and (IMO) as a whole TFT would have suffered for it.  There!  I've said it,
I got it off my chest, and I feel better now.  8^)

   Here's another spell from Interplay and Greg Sharp that I rewrote.  The
original version was IQ 20 -- /way/ too high compared with Flight!

HUMAN FLY (T): This spell makes the subject?s hands and
   feet very sticky, allowing the subject to crawl up sheer walls
   and even on ceilings, as long as the surface is strong enough
   to hold his weight.  The effect lasts for one minute.  Dropping
   anything held requires a 3 die roll vs. DX due to sticky hands,
   or automatically if you're willing to throw it a considerable
   distance!  Cost: 5 ST.  [Greg Sharp/IP6]

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Computers   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760

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