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Re: (TFT) Illusions

Guess I'm due to contribute another short comment, eh?

The way I've been handling player cast illusions for years now is that
I require each player/mage to keep a record of all encountered monsters
in his/her character binder.
If they cast an illusion of something they've seen and been around a lot
(like a basic warrior/wardog/orc/etc) then they have no problems.
If they cast an illusion of something they haven't seen or just seen once
(like a Dragon or Troll and they've never met one) then they can't mimic
it properly and I lower the # of dice on their opponent's disbelieve roll
On the other hand, as the wizard gains in IQ I let them get better at
illusions by adding a +1 penalty to their opponent's disbelieve rolls for
well practised illusions. (when they add +1 to their IQ thru experience I
them also add a +1 penalty to ONE of their known illusions)
Eventually they can get very good at certain illusions and still get by or
on other ones.

Mack Brewer
(old resurfacing TFT player)

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