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Re: (TFT) On experience

	Hi all.

	I agree completely,  in my campaign the maximum amount
of EXP that someone can get from a risk roll is 500 points.  I wrote 
up some rules for better risk rolls which I sent to the list.  (I'm not
sure if Ty put them on his site or not.)


>Take a 32-point character and find a 4/18 job for him.  Lets choose
>Apprentice.  Our character is ST 16, DX 8, IQ 8.  Our character's
>chance of notable success at the job is 4/216, the chance of running
>into trouble is 1/216.  Note that our character is given just enough
>EP required to reach the next attribute point each time a success is

>Can't get up to a 60 point character?  No sweat!  Adventuring?
>No way!  A guy could get killed!   :)

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