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Re: (TFT) Starting $ for characters

Mack Brewer wrote:
> You know what?
> I just finished tearing thru the books and I realized I can't
> remember how we used to calculate starting money for
> new characters in the party.
> (shows how long it's been since I ran a "real" TFT game, eh?)
> For Melee and Wizard we just equiped ourselves and had at it
> but how do we derive starting $ to buy stuff with when we use ITL?
> I'm thinking about letting them roll 6 weeks pay at a selected job
> or should I just assign them say 20-30 silver times their best attribute?
> ex/ St-13 x 30 silver = $390 for starting out.
> any suggestions as I really can't remember what we used to do.
> I guess I've been playing the LARP FFTS rules for too long now.
> Mack Brewer

SILAS--- I used to let them roll 5d6 x 10. up to 300sp aint a bad start,
but not enough to make ya independently wealthy. Its an idea.
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