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(TFT) Starting $ for characters

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>I just finished tearing thru the books and I realized I can't
remember how we used to calculate starting money for
new characters in the party.<

I don't think there's an "offical" amount of starting money. For my
campaigns I do it like this:

Each character witll start wtih small rocks (1d6 as needed) and clubs (1d6
as needed) freely about, and can gather stuff later to trade for better
Also $20 $kins worth of purchasing power.

One weapon. He must have the Talent to use it, but it can be of any ST
(though not Fine).
One set of clothing (lower class)
One set of Armor (as Leather)
A Backpack
A small amount of food (one week's rations)
Money in the sum of $10-60 (1d6x10 silver)
Special Item: One choice of ONE of the following: 
        Healing Potion (AW, pg 24)
        Increase ST Potion (AW, pg 24)
        Treasure Smelling Potion (AW, pg 24)
        A Riding Horse (ITL, pg 59, ST 24), wih Saddle and bridle (ITL, pg
        Labyrinth Kit (ITL, pg 36)
        Physicker's Chest (ITL, pg 36)
        Wizard's Chest (ITL, pg 36, AW, pg 8)
        Wizard's Staff and 2 books and 20 scrolls
        Theives Tools (Breaking and Entering Kit below or WD#45, pg 17)
        Unique Possession (GM/player agreed item)
        Additional Money and Equipment from their Social Background (see
Character Backgrounds, page 11)

250 Credits

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