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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V1 #208

Rick wrote:
>   I have been running a PbeM  TFT campaign since last
>winter.  It was origionally planned for 4 players but a couple of
>my people have gone into lurker mode, so I receintly added a
>two new players.

     Yea, but when is that second player gonna show up?  I am missing three 
of my starting warriors, and my Druid/Priest is out of action as far as any 
fighting goes.
     I do hope Greff survives to write another entry in his journal.  If he 
didn't make it, maybe you can have his ghost finish the journal and post 
those spectral writings here.

Under seige at the edge of the Thorsz kingdom,
Padrone Benjamin "Sureshot" Gibeah
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