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Re: (TFT) Disbelieving Images

>>  If an ant crawls onto an Image, does it disappear?  

In order for an ant to crawl onto an image, it would have 
to believe that the image was there - it would have to 
have the brains to comprehend the image in the first place.

Since this is not true (at least, not true of any ant that
*ive* ever come into contact with), ants cannot perceive 
the image so they can't crawl onto it.  

This leads in to an interesting problem though ... if a 
PC sees an image but then doesn't see the image destroyed
(because they were looking the other way or whatever), 
does that PC continue to see the image when they turn
around?  Logic suggests that they would and should act as
if the image were still there.

If I create an image or illusion in front of 2 people and
one of hacks at it (or disbelieves, respectively), does
the creation disappear in the minds of the other characters
as well?


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