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(TFT) Advantages and IQ

Michael stated,

<<<None taken! But you still haven't explained why Talents ARENT Advantages!
They are! >>>>

I never said it wasn't it even states in TFT:ITL (p. 11), a "talent gives
its possessor some ability or ADVANTAGE not possessed by other characters."
You seem to be reading into the word I used.   Perhaps the title, INBORN
TALENTS may suit better than the word advantage.

Another possiblity might be to get rid of the IQ requirements for certain
TFT talents.  A good example would be ACUTE HEARING for a dog, also who says
a dog can't have running.  Remember, Forrest Gump, here is a typical
character who would have an IQ lower than nine (CS or common sense would be
a lot higher) but would still have the running talent.

Yours in Cidri,
'Nuff said

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