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(TFT) Advantages and IQ

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Another possiblity might be to get rid of the IQ requirements for certain
TFT talents.  A good example would be ACUTE HEARING for a dog, also who
a dog can't have running.  Remember, Forrest Gump, here is a typical
character who would have an IQ lower than nine (CS or common sense would be
a lot higher) but would still have the running talent.<

Actually, one of Rick's rules about allowing a low IQ character to by a
Talent 1 pt higher than his IQ for double the cost has kindof inspired me
to combine that idea with an article on Monster Talents I wrote a while
back. The idea is that if you pay enough, you can ignore the IQ costs.
Since it doesn't much matter how many points a dog spends, a dog can always
afford his heightened senses. 

Anyway, I'm working on it in between kibitzing on this list, so it'll be a
while before it's ready (I'm up to the "T" monsters!), but I do intend to
offer some solutions to this...hopefully in a way that will also allow the
creation of 'races' similar to the interesting post I saw recently on
racial 'talents'...

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