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(TFT) Just an allusion about illusions

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>In a lot of ways the magic system in Dragonquest and GURPS got it right by
creating schools or colleges of magic. <

Colleges are nice. I don't know how they work in Dragonquest, but the
problem I found with them in GURPS was that all Wizards' looked alike. You
found the high-level spells you wanted and then you all chose the cheapest
path through those lower level spells to get there.  Instead of introducing
variety it inadvertantly made all wizards the same....

The best use of Colleges I've ever seen was in Warhammer, where colleges
are by "color" of magic. Actually the way AD&D 2nd edition uses them is
kind of nice as well. Both systems gives you bonuses for spells in your
college and subtractions for spells outside your colleges, but they both
allow you to choose any spells you want. 

So you do get the variety of flavor of colleges, because no set of spells
or colleges is more advantageous than another.

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