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(TFT) Just an allusion about illusions

Dave states,

<<<To deliberately disbelieve an illusion, a figure must be
intelligent (IQ over 8)."  Wow!  That means my rookie IQ 8 wizard can't
disbelieve, and neither can lots of dumb cannon-fodder fighter-types!
   It's amazing what can be learned with a systematic reading of the

A glitch in the rules?????  Does this allow accidental DISBELIEF like and
animal (also on AW5)?  It does say though, the GM "may" give the animal one
roll vs. IQ to accidentally DISBELIEVE.  And here is another sabot in the
machinery,  "Why does the illusion disappear for everyone when it is

Perhaps the best way to handle the DISBELIEVE option, is allow everyone
seeing it an "accidental" DISBELIEF, once it is created.  For those that
DISBELIEVED, the illusion does not exist.  Those that missed this roll,
still see the illusion and it acts accordingly until they succeed in making
the IQ roll (after they take the DISBELIEVE option).    Give the character a
+4IQ bonus if a friend states that it is an illusion.  In order to do this,
the friend can only move, DEFEND or DODGE as an action.

Allow the wizard, to strengthen the spell by having it cost more fatigue.
What I mean from this is two possible things
1)  For each point of fatigue spent over the spells normal cost -1IQ point
for the DISBELIEVER.  An example would be if a wizard spent 4ST to create an
illusion the DISBELIEVER would make their (GM roll so the character won't
know) IQ roll at -2IQ.  So an IQ 10 DISBELIEVER, would DISBELIEVE at IQ8.

And another way,

2)  If a wizard spends 2 extra ST for the spell, the DISBELIEVER would make
a 4D roll v. IQ rather than the normal 3D.  If the wizard spends 4 extra ST,
a 5D roll v. IQ.  If a wizard spends 6 extra ST,  a 6D roll v. IQ, etc...

I believe the illusion is strongest spell in TFT for the price in fatigue
paid for it.  This rule may complicate things but it will help tune down the
power of this spell in certain ways.

In a lot of ways the magic system in Dragonquest and GURPS got it right by
creating schools or colleges of magic.  The TFT wizard is too ecclectic
except where it comes to illusion.  I believe 80% of the wizard characters
that played in my game had the spell illusion, mainly because of the cheap
spell cost.  Yes, an illusion can be DISBELIEVED but that to some fighters
is the waste of a combat option.

Yours in Cidri,

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