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Re: (TFT) Images and Illusions

Justin writes . . .

>Oh! you can see through the eyes of an illusion.  It mentions in
>both Advanced Wizard and Death Test (it can be sent through
>the curtained doors to scout.  Mage sight can't do it but an
>illusion can so it must allow the wiz to see through its eyes), that
>you can scout a room with an illusion.  You need to see in order
>to scout.  So, the wiz sees through the illusions eyes.  I don't think,
>the wiz, can see through an images eyes though because you
>see no mention of using it as a scout.  Maybe someone else
>can clear up this matter.

   Images can do anything an Illusion can do, except that they disappear
when touched by anything animate, and they can't hurt anyone.  Specifically
AW4 states, "A wizard can see through the eyes of the summoned beings,
images, or illusions brought by his Creation spells.  If he has Mage Sight,
his creations have it too."  Also, Tollenkar's Lair has a random encounter:
"An image of Tollenkar delivering a message."  So images /can/ be used as
scouts and messengers.
   While researching this I found a rule that I never noticed before.  AW5
states, "To deliberately disbelieve an illusion, a figure must be
intelligent (IQ over 8)."  Wow!  That means my rookie IQ 8 wizard can't
disbelieve, and neither can lots of dumb cannon-fodder fighter-types!
   It's amazing what can be learned with a systematic reading of the rules.
Just last night I discovered that Spellsniffer is the only useful way of
scanning a large number of items (i.e. /treasure/) for any magic items
present.  All of the other spells (Detect Magic, Reveal Magic, Analyze
Magic) only check items one at a time for any non-self-powered enchantments
present.  Mmmm . . .  time for Sorag to learn Spellsniffer.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Design Bureau   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
"You welded WHAT together???"

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