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(TFT) Images and Illusions

Dan stated,

<<<It further states that "if images hit each other, both vanish."
>So according to the rules, if ant or fly does touch the image
>it is dispelled.  Both a fly and an ant have more intelligence
>than another image.
I'm not sure I agree with this however.  If a wizard can see
through the eyes of their illusions (as the battle in "Wizard"
implies) and, I assume, images as well (well, those that have
eyes, anyway), then the 'intelligence' of an image or illusion
must be linked in some way to the wizard who created it.>>>>

Just regurgitating the rules, Dan.  And if you can believe this I am not a
rules lawyer; otherwise, I would not create house rules.

Oh! you can see through the eyes of an illusion.  It mentions in both
Advanced Wizard and Death Test (it can be sent through the curtained doors
to scout.  Mage sight can't do it but an illusion can so it must allow the
wiz to see through its eyes), that you can scout a room with an illusion.
You need to see in order to scout.  So, the wiz sees through the illusions
eyes.  I don't think, the wiz, can see through an images eyes though because
you see no mention of using it as a scout.  Maybe someone else can clear up
this matter.

Yours in Cidri,

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