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Re: (TFT) Advantages and IQ

>Another possiblity might be to get rid of the IQ requirements for certain
>TFT talents.  A good example would be ACUTE HEARING for a dog, also who
>a dog can't have running.  Remember, Forrest Gump, here is a typical
>character who would have an IQ lower than nine (CS or common sense would be
>a lot higher) but would still have the running talent.<

I think this is another one of those "grey" areas that is completely up to
the GM's own discretion. If I, as GM, want to create a "Greyhound" breed of
dog then I'll give him running as a natural ability (therefore NO IQ
He didn't have to "learn" it, he was born with it.  And if I decide in the
that all Elves have acute hearing then I'll give it to them all as another
born ability and maybe adjust their beginning number of attribute points to
for it in full or in part. ( I won't just hand out a 3pt talent for free,
have to keep the
character's balanced)  And this is a great way to create special or notable
as well, like that poor one-eyed Troll who just happens to have natural
at no cost. Or that brilliant "researcher" wizard who can research and
create things
in half the time but is almost useless on the battlefield. (1/2 research
but also 1/2 DX for combat; very nervous and unsteady in hostile setting)

>Actually, one of Rick's rules about allowing a low IQ character to by a
>Talent 1 pt higher than his IQ for double the cost has kindof inspired me
>to combine that idea with an article on Monster Talents I wrote a while
>back. The idea is that if you pay enough, you can ignore the IQ costs.
>Since it doesn't much matter how many points a dog spends, a dog can always
>afford his heightened senses.

We do a similiar thing with the live role-playing rules in that a character
learn a skill or spell above his IQ but only by paying the difference in
points. ex/ IQ-10 Hero wants Tactics(IQ-11, cost 1). He therefore pays
1(for the talennt) + 1 more(because it's 1 pt out of his reach) or 2pts
If he wanted to learn assess value(IQ-12, cost 1) it would be:
1(for the talent) +2( for being 2 pts above his IQ) or total 3 pts.

or he can just wait and learn them when he gets "smarter" <grin>
So, if they really really really want that "higher IQ" talent they can pay
costs to get it (and make them happy) but they'd be better off waiting
to learn it later on.


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