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Re: (TFT) Images and Illusions

Dave Seagraves wrote:
> While researching this I found a rule that I never noticed before. AW5
> states, "To deliberately disbelieve an illusion, a figure must be
> intelligent (IQ over 8)."  Wow!  That means my rookie IQ 8 wizard 
> can't disbelieve, and neither can lots of dumb cannon-fodder 
> fighter-types!

Very interesting.  It may possibly be a typo, but very interesting 

BTW, has anyone proposed the "reverse" of open tunnel:

Close Tunnel  IQ: 13  ST: 10
Creates up to one hex of rock, extending forth from an existing stone 
surface. The stone created by this spell is permanent and can't be
dispelled (the way a "Wall of Stone" spell can).  It takes the 
entirety of a round for the wall to form, anyone in the hex is 
automatically displaced to the adjacent hex of their choice at the
end of the round.  The stone can be broken through by tools or
missile spells at the normal rates given under "Mining" in ITL.

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