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Re: (TFT) Just an allusion about illusions

Justin writes . . .

>A glitch in the rules?????  Does this allow accidental DISBELIEF like
>and animal (also on AW5)?  It does say though, the GM "may" give the
>animal one roll vs. IQ to accidentally DISBELIEVE.  And here is another
>sabot in the machinery,  "Why does the illusion disappear for everyone
>when it is DISBELIEVED?"

   Yes, it still allows accidental disbelief by animals, which is not
/deliberate/ disbelieving, so an IQ greater than 8 is not necessary.
   I'll bet it has something to do with recent scientific hypothesis: "If a
mind doesn't perceive it then it doesn't exist."  For illusions change that
slightly to, "If a mind doesn't believe in it then it stops existing."
Makes me glad I'm not an illusion . . .  except perhaps to the Buddhists.

>Perhaps the best way to handle the DISBELIEVE option, is allow
>everyone seeing it an "accidental" DISBELIEF, once it is created.
>For those that DISBELIEVED, the illusion does not exist.  Those
>that missed this roll, still see the illusion and it acts accordingly until
>they succeed in making the IQ roll (after they take the DISBELIEVE
>option).    Give the character a +4IQ bonus if a friend states that it
>is an illusion.  In order to do this, the friend can only move, DEFEND
>or DODGE as an action.

   This doesn't sound very playable.  The GM would have to keep track of
everyone in combat, cross-indexed with every image and illusion that exists
in combat.  A two-dimensional table would have to be made, or perhaps a
handful of "I don't believe in Illusion X" markers for every figure on the
board.  Combat would start getting weird, as figures can freely pass through
and enter the hexes of illusions they can no longer perceive, but the
/wizard/ who created the illusions doesn't necessarily know this so the
illusion is technically in HtH combat, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera . . .

>2)  If a wizard spends 2 extra ST for the spell, the DISBELIEVER would
>make a 4D roll v. IQ rather than the normal 3D.  If the wizard spends 4
>extra ST, a 5D roll v. IQ.  If a wizard spends 6 extra ST,  a 6D roll v.

   I don't like option #1, but I think you're on the right track with option
#2 here.  I'd link the extra cost to the size of the illusion.  2x cost is
+1 die to disbelieve, 3x cost is +2 dice, etc.

>In a lot of ways the magic system in Dragonquest and GURPS got it right
>by creating schools or colleges of magic.  The TFT wizard is too ecclectic
>except where it comes to illusion.  I believe 80% of the wizard characters
>that played in my game had the spell illusion, mainly because of the cheap
>spell cost.  Yes, an illusion can be DISBELIEVED but that to some fighters
>is the waste of a combat option.

   I think it can be helpful to have a high-IQ type tagging along in the
back of the party.  His primary mission is to disbelieve illusions and lob a
few molotails, plus all the other stuff that a Blob/Leader/Physicker is good

Stan writes . . .

>Very interesting.  It may possibly be a typo, but very
>interesting nonetheless.

   Yeah, I think it may be a typo as well.  I wrote Steve for a possible

>BTW, has anyone proposed the "reverse" of open tunnel:

   No, but not a bad idea.  Thanks for the spell.  8^)

Rod writes . . .

>I just wanted to thank Justin for the fantastic adventure he posted a
>little while back.  I thought it was great and plan on running it for my
>group as an evening one-shot.

   Yeah, me too,  I'll be trying it solo first, and will probably throw it
at my Sunday group as soon as they pry themselves out of Tollenkar's Lair.
Thanks Justin.
   I'll be writing and posting my own solo adventure just as soon as I get
some more time-energy.  Can anybody send me some?  8^)

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Computers   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
"It's cardboard!"

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