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Re: (TFT) Clerics & Miracles Part I

From: Pasha and or Rick Smith <pnrsmith@istar.ca>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Clerics & Miracles Part I
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 19:14:41 -0800

Hi John,
	When I go against what is standard in my rules I like to say
why I'm doing so at the very front of the essay.  That way there are
fewer surprises, and people can see at once the logic that the rule
are based on.

	However,  don't feel you have to apologise for writing your
rules a different way!

Thanks Rick,

But I guess I'm apologising about my 'Cleric" system because yours is so much more elegant and does not distort The Fantasy Trip rules (by adding attributes or a new dice rolling system.) I am very impressed with the spirituality of it too. I am still a bit stuck in the Thieves World (and Chivalry & Sorcery) mentality perhaps of giving corporal gifts with little of the soul left in it. However, I came close to the feel of what you put forth with the medicine man/shaman package. More involved with the spirit world and less material world.

By the way, there was no hostility when I made this restatement of your words:

In this particular game universe, gods are real and their religions effective (a la Thieve's World.) Sorry Rick, I do want to resort to a D&D and C&S style of miracles and want to give clerics "God Powered" abilities and make them the "medics" of the troops. In this particular game universe, they should have the ability of unbalancing the game.

You said your reasoning so well that it was just easier to note my difference using the same words. However, your original words clarified for me why I went the D&D route on Mitra/Christian clerics. Had I not been in my variation of the GURPS YRTH world, perhaps I would not care to have Religion as effective.

The way is open for others to bring in thier religion. LET THE HOLY WARS BEGIN! On second thought.....

By the way, GURPS, like TFT, does not make religion effective; Despite what the GURPS Religions book says. So Rick's system of religion will also work for GURPS.

Hail Melee,
John Paul

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