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Re: (TFT) Mr. TFT

Dear TFT Websiters

I love to read the everyones postings, but some are hard to tell whats being said because the format on one computer shifts your margins or tabs on another. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem or if its just a HOTMAIL inconsistancy or if its a MAC problem.

Michael, your tabs go wacko on my computer. Is there a way you could edit out the tabs and make them spaces instead? Your content may be great but reading it is tough. See example below.

Well, here's my Talent list so far....

Talent List
IQ 6 Talents
Talent (at Basic level)                         Abbr.           IQ Req. KN
Sha-ken (need TW)                               SK                      8
Sharpshooter <western>                          SHS             8
Shotgun/Western                         SG              8
Shoulderarms <future>                           SHA             8
Si                              SI                      8
Sidearms <future>                               SIA             8
Spear Thrower (need TW or PW)                           ST
8                       1
Street Walker (need SA, AP 8+)                          STW             8

Is anyone having problems reading my posts?

Concerned citizen,
John Paul

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