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Re: (TFT) Mr. TFT

John Paul Bakshoian wrote:
> I love to read the everyones postings, but some are hard to tell 
> whats being said because the format on one computer shifts your 
> margins or tabs on another.  I don't know if anyone else is having 
> this problem or if its just a HOTMAIL inconsistancy or if its a MAC 
> problem.

Not really.  It's more of a question of monospaced vs. proportional 
fonts. Spaces are monospaced-friendly, tabs are (more-or-less) 
proportional-friendly.  However, given that:

1) There are a large number of proportional fonts/font-size combos,
   none of which translate well even among themselves.

2) Some mailers translate tabs into a varying number of spaces.

3) Older mail software is locked into a monospaced mode, while newer
   programs that use proportional as a default generally allow monospaced
   fonts (for instance: Courier) as an option.

I agree that a monospaced font (like courier) with spaces is probably
the best for a mixed audience like a listserv.  

Being a realist, though, I'm sure everyone on the list isn't going to 
to drop what they're doing, exclaim "Howard Johnson is right!" and 
start using monospaced fonts.  You might try cutting and pasting the 
text of table-intensive tabbed e-mails into a word processor.  It 
probably won't be perfect, but should line up a lot better.
Howard Johnson (aka Stan)
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