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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson - found!!

J&S/THE DEFILERS <strngcrgonyc@defilers.com> wrote:
> Well, did you ask him if he'll resurect TFT??? Or if he himself won't , would
> he be willing to give personal approval to items designed for the system???

I have forwarded the contact information to someone I know who has
wanted to seriously discuss purchasing or licensing the rights to
TFT.  Given HT's previous stance on the rights to TFT, I think that this
person would be the only real opportunity to resurrect the line legally.
I certainly hope he's successful!  

I did not ask about the Gold Unicorn, the gaming experience of the
family or about specific games.

Nor did I ask for verification, but the name seemed to ring a bell with
Guy.  I have no reason to doubt the veracity, especially since there's
nothing in it for the sender of the email.  Frankly, I'd be more suspicious
if there were something asked for or a report of HT's death or something
like that. 

Now we wait to see if Howard replies regarding the licensing of rights.
Cross your fingers, everyone!

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