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Re: (TFT) TFT: Zombies

Dave Seagraves wrote:
> I also like the idea of a flat bonus to damage.  Is 1 die enough?  
> Nice, simple, and easy to remember.  Of course slightly more 
> complicated would be a bonus to every die of damage rolled.  Without 
> having crunched the numbers I favor the former.

Well, adding a bonus to each die rolled is just about the same as
the multiplier.  Adding a single die is better than the doubling 
but doesn't get around this weird TFT idea that a halberd is better
used as a spear than as a halberd (i.e., to stab with instead of 
swinging it).  But maybe that concept is too central to the whole 
weapons table to change.  Regardless, I don't want to argue about 
it and think I've stated my point as well as I can; make whatever 
you like of it.


  "He's been living where?  Renting the room over J.D. Salinger's 
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