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(TFT) Howard Thompson - found!!

Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
Hold tight, folks!  I just got an email from Marc Thompson, Howard's
son.  He says that Howard is alive and well, but "unlikely to resurface."

He mentions that he appreciates the fact that I respect the copyright
held on the Metagaming items on the TFT website.  As Steve Jackson
said when I asked him about it a while back, "it's just good Karma."
I guess he was right!

Finally, he asks that I not distribute his email address, which I will
obviously honor.

Another mystery solved.  What a rush!<

Wow! That's good news! How did you manage to run into him? 

Did you ask him how he felt about the web? For example, if someone put up a
web site of all the old and new talents, would that bother him, or is he
mainly concerned about people trying to make money off TFT?

Anyway, thanks for the information!

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