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Re: (TFT) Rule of Five

>I agree with Michael (16 Oct), though.  'Activation Points' confuses things. 
>  'Activation Ritual' would be good.

Well, when I came up with the term I wasn't real happy with it either.  It's
not supposed to mean 'points' as in a point total; it's supposed to mean
the location at which an item activates.  But describing it in terms of 
the action (ritual) of placing the item at that point might be clearer.

>Question:  If you have 5 enabled items and are carrying 3 exploding gems, if 
>you get hit in such a way that the gem could explode, can it?  It wasn't 
>able to be enabled.  Are there similar magical philosophical dilemnas?

Hmm...I didn't think they could go off by accident.  But since they are such
an odd item one could always say they're not really an 'item' for Ro5 purposes
at all, and don't really activate the way other things do.


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