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shadowhex@hotmail.com writes:

<< Brennan O'brian and John Hamill
 Where do you live?  What TFT items do you have?
 Just finding out if its possible to visit in person.  Not that I have time, 
 as Michael Taylor can attest to.
 John Paul

I have ITL, AM, AW Melee, Wizard, Grail Quest, Security Station, DT, DTII and 
Warrior Lords of Darok. I got most of the Books, for the third time, at a 
used book store in Austin, Tx., where I used to live. The microgames and 
quests, I got from Fred Askew, who still lives in Austin, and was involved in 
Metagaming at the time of TFT. I also got several other microgames from him, 
as he belongs to the University of Texas Wargamers, which i did also, and 
they had a trading day, he had a bunch of old Metagaming stuff left. It was 
gone by the end of the day though, so I couldn't get anything else from him. 

As for where I live, as I said above, I used to live in Austin, Tx. I've 
moved since that time, and now I live in South Texas, about 10 or 20 miles 
from the Mexican border, in a small town named Harlingen. As it's somewhat 
out of anyones way, I doubt that I will be recieving many visitors from 
anyone on the list. However, I would be interested in playing in a PBEM game 
if anyone is interested. (hint hint)

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