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Re: (TFT) Psionics

In a message dated 11/12/99 11:12:19 PM Central Standard Time, 
shadowhex@hotmail.com writes:

<< I like Psionics, too.  In my gameworld, I feel it is superior to Magic and 
 that magic only exists because sentients aren't usually aware that they have 
 the capabilities of psionics.  In fact, magic is a very degraded form of 
 psionics.  Its using a lot of symbols and rituals to get the result.  Then 
 again, if you haven't reached the realization or the ability to use 
 psionics, at least magic is a step in the right direction.  Look at all the 
 bumblers who can't even do that.  Then again, there are those who have faith 
 in religion and can do 'miracles' (god's magic), but they are not likely to 
 push into psionics or if they have it, attribute its results to miracles.
 Magic cannot detect psionics and wizards are baffled by this.  Psionicists 
 cannot detect magic and usually shrug it off.
 Miracle Workers either feel that psionics is Magic or the user is under 
 possession and needs to be excorsized.
 Hope this gives you the impitus to convert GURPS Psionics into TFT.  I look 
 forward to seeing that.
 Hail Melee
 John Paul
I like what you have done, it's a lot like the system I've been trying to 
come up with. The only thing I did differently is to put all levels of 
psionic power together, and the character just had to buy the skill to be 
able to use each. Example, the character is a psionicist, and has Power 8, 
for 4 pts. he wants to be able to teleport, and read minds. he would take the 
Teleport skill, for 3 pts, and the Telepathy, read-only skill, at 2 pts. The 
idea behind this was to keep psionics as simple as possible, and a little 
more expensive than the equivalent magic power. That way it would be an 
interesting contrast between the two, magic and psionics. It will really help 
me to complete my system. Thanks

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