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Re: (TFT) Psionics

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>>>>>>>>>GURPS Psionics 
>>>>>>>>>should be your text for doing psionic conversions.  It can handle
some of 
>>>>>>>>>the Supers talents while putting it all into a cohesive logical

Dont overlook FGU's Psi World game for a very simple and coherent view of
psionic powers. I haven't taken a stab at using it for TFT yet, but when I
do, I'll try that system before GURPS Psionics. GURPS Psionics always
seemed a very unbalanced and (as usual for GURPS) more complicated than it
was worth

Also, if this helps, I use mph x0.8 = TFT MA. 

It looks like you did a good job with the conversion, but it seems a little
'table heavy'

...just my opinion.


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