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Re: (TFT) Psionics

In a message dated 11/13/99 6:17:14 PM Central Standard Time, 
MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com writes:

<< Dont overlook FGU's Psi World game for a very simple and coherent view of
 psionic powers. I haven't taken a stab at using it for TFT yet, but when
 I do, I'll try that system before GURPS Psionics. GURPS Psionics always
 seemed a very unbalanced and (as usual for GURPS) more complicated than it
 was worth
 Also, if this helps, I use mph x0.8 =3D TFT MA. =
 It looks like you did a good job with the conversion, but it seems a little
 'table heavy'
 ...just my opinion.>>

As I've never even seen FGU's Psi World, I'll have to take your word for it. 
As for GURPS complicating psionics, all I can say is that compared to some 
other systems out there, GURPS is a simple, elegant system. The fact is that 
the only reason I want to use a GURPS conversion, is to keep the same flavor 
for my game world, which I developed in GURPS to begin with. The reason I 
want to use TFT instead is because I am going to be playing with some people 
who have very little experience in role-playing, and TFT is the Perfect 
system to introduce them. The rules are simple and clear, and almost 
everything can be done by the GM, so it makes my job easier. 

If you could post some relavent stuff from Psi World, I would be 
appreciative, as every little bit of material helps.

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