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Re: (TFT) Clarification

>Example:  Wizard (ST10) casts a spell using ST3.  The
>Wizard then takes 8 points of damage.  Is the Wizard
>dead/unconsious?  Or is the wizard still at ST2, but
>not capable of casting spells because his effective
>mana ST is currently -1?  

According to the letter of the law (i.e., the rules), 
he's dead.  Of course, this is (IMO) stupid, since it 
means that someone who's really tired can be killed by
a 2 ST hit.  (And remember, there's nothing "magical" 
or terribly special about TFT fatigue, the fatigue you
take from running is just as deadly as the fatigue from
spell-casting.)  I run my game such that you die if you
take your ST in wounds and you fall unconscious if you 
take your ST in some combination of wounds and fatigue.

I think a charitable view of the "fatigue kills" rule 
from Wizard is that it was a simplifcation which was
perfectly acceptable in the arena duels that Wizard
contemplates, where out of the fight is out of the fight,
whether you're dead or unconscious.  It's a pity this
wasn't changed in AW though.

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