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Re: (TFT) Clarification

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>>>>>>>>Example:  Wizard (ST10) casts a spell using ST3.  The
>>>>>>>>Wizard then takes 8 points of damage.  Is the Wizard
>>>>>>>>dead/unconsious?  Or is the wizard still at ST2, but
>>>>>>>he's dead.  

>>>>>>>Of course, this is (IMO) stupid, since it 
>>>>>>>means that someone who's really tired can be killed by
>>>>>>>a 2 ST hit.  (And remember, there's nothing "magical" 

Or, you could look at it that he was tired and got sloppy in combat. 

After all, what would you say if he was completely fresh, hadn't cast a
spell and had taken 10 points of damage? That he was dead right? He had ST
10, he took 10 points of damage. 

It doesn't seem to be that much of a stretch to me to say, he was killed
fair and square - it just took 2 less points than when he was "fresh". A
pretty acurate representation of fatigue!

Remember, he would have been unconcious on the ground anyway. The enemy
wouldn't have finished him off? Maybe not, but the GM could let him live
"by fiat" without changing these rules.

>>>>>>>It's a pity this
>>>>>>>wasn't changed in AW though.

If you want to, that's fine, but it's an awful lot of extra bookkeeping and
it seems to me your making wizards doubly more powerful than heroes - and
they we already more powerful than heroes! IMHO.

PS: In my own campaign I use Andrew's Optional Luck attribute, so this
isn't really a 'fair' rebuttal, but I thought you dismissed a 'fair' kill
pretty easily!

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