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Re: (TFT) Psionics

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>>>>>>>>>As for GURPS complicating psionics, all I can say is that compared
to some 
>>>>>>>>>other systems out there, GURPS is a simple, elegant system. The
fact is that 

The complication doesnt bother me so much as the balance. I havent found a
way of allowing GURPS Psionics in a GURPS game without re-writing it to add
heavy restrictions, but that's just me!

>>>>>>>>>If you could post some relavent stuff from Psi World, I would be 
>>>>>>>>>appreciative, as every little bit of material helps.

As I said, eventually (probably for a TFT-Traveller game I'm planning) I'll
take a stab at converting PsiWorld's psionics and then I'll up load it. 


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