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(TFT) Re: Missile weapons & charging polearms

Stan stated,

<<<<No, not before.  That "final fire" rule allows the bowman to get off
that last
shot, but makes no exception for where it should go in the turn sequence.
it's resolved on the bowman's DX, like most everything else.  But polearms
used to make (or against) charge attacks are resolved before everything
else, even
those final fire missile shots, according to a strict reading of the rules.
pretty silly.

(Well, there is one exception...a HtH attempt beats a pole arm!)>>>>

I agree to disagree here.  I disagree with your "strict reading of the
rules".  It states under missile weapons (p. 14 AM) "Generally, only a
disengaged figure may attack with a missile weapon.  A figure with a missile
weapon ready can get off ONE SHOT if suddenly engaged, but must then drop
the missile weapon."  If that isn't the strict reading of the rules nothing
is.  The problem is it states under POLE WEAPONS (p. 12 AM) that, "on any
turn when a pole weapon is used IN a charge attack or AGAINST a charge
attack (or both), roll all pole-weapon results FIRST, in order of adjDX,
before resolving any other attacks."  This is a contradiction of rules here.
Both rules can be STRICTLY read as far as I am concerned.  Perhaps if this
happens the attack could be judged on adjDX.  If the bowman has the higher
DX, he goes first.  If the polearm user does, he goes first.

As far as the HtH exception, only if the polearm user has a lower MA or he
agrees to HtH (sure double damage vs. 1-2 damage).

Yours in Cidri,

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