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Re: (TFT) Re: Missile weapons & charging polearms

Grabowski wrote:
>Stan stated,
>I agree to disagree here.  I disagree with your "strict reading of the
>rules".  It states under missile weapons (p. 14 AM) "Generally, only a
>disengaged figure may attack with a missile weapon.  A figure with a missile
>weapon ready can get off ONE SHOT if suddenly engaged, but must then drop
>the missile weapon."  If that isn't the strict reading of the rules nothing

He gets the shot off.  Yes.  But the rule says nothing about WHEN that shot
occurs.  It doesn't say he gets the shot off before the opponent, only that
he gets it at all--which needs to be stated since normally missile weapons
can't be used in melee.

Barring any specific rule to the contrary (as with polearms) actions occur 
on the user's DX.  That's when this final shot is supposed to occur.

>The problem is it states under POLE WEAPONS (p. 12 AM) that, "on any
>turn when a pole weapon is used IN a charge attack or AGAINST a charge
>attack (or both), roll all pole-weapon results FIRST, in order of adjDX,
>before resolving any other attacks."  This is a contradiction of rules here.

No, there isn't.  The missile weapon rule doesn't address order of attacks
at all.  What there is here is some brain fade on SJ's part NOT to have made
a rule such as I believe we both agree should exist.

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