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(TFT) Grishna'ak's return

Checked email as I'm back for a day and a half
and have comments for party/GM.

Grishna'ak is obviously exhausted but will sleep
restlessly with his subconscious/conscience bothering
him at the shape everyone is in.
He'll wake up and find Galendar (who's he shares both
language and profession with) and reluctantly give him his
final remaining and emergency healing potion.
(Rick, I've gone over the previous turns and I'm sure Griss 
still has one regular healing potion left but if your book-
keeping says I'm out then I'm out)
Galendar can present it to Ben while Griss gets back to sleep
and they can give it to the most needy.
(will it work on Pak?)

...still sailing for 2 more weeks

Mack Brewer
Halifax, N.S.

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