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(TFT) Missile weapons & charging pole arms

Ya know Stan your right!

<<<I think that what might be better than advancing all manner of
non-HtH weapons into their own phase would be to modify the
"polearms go first" rule to say that the polearm advantage
doesn't come into play against opponets with polearms OR ranged
weapons. >>>

Maybe missile and thrown weapons should go first and then pole arms.  Think
about the defender in a bayonet charge.  They wait until the enemy is close
enough that the chance of missing is slim.  It is the weapon reach thing (p.
12 AM) that allows them to go first.  Halt!!! what I just stated may go for
naught.  This falls under you learn something new everyday title!!! In all
the years I played Melee, I and my players never noticed this.
In the first paragraph under MISSILE WEAPONS on p. 14 of Advanced Melee it
"Generally only a disengaged figure may attack with a missile weapon.  A
figure with a missile weapon ready can get off ONE SHOT if SUDDENLY engaged,
but must drop the missile weapon."  What is more sudden than a pole weapon
charge.  So it seems that the missile weapon can fire at that attacker
before they attack.  The only problem is isn't being attacked from the rear
being attacked suddenly.  I think it's common sense that this type of attack
or surprise attack is not considered when it comes to this rule.

Any clairifications???

Yours in Cidri,

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