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(TFT) Some incomplete thoughts about HtH

Ron Pehr stated,

      <<<<<HtH does make more sense as a combat action, since the
is for "hand-to-hand combat."  I've never quite understood how the original
rule worked anyway, that the guy with a knife or barehanded would suddenly
leap onto the guy with a sword and shield upon which the latter would
politely drop those weapons and continue the battle.>>>>>

I agree with your thoughts on humans but rules for certain animals (wolves,
tigers, and lions to state a few) should be different as this is what the
animal tactics "instincts" tell it to do toward prey.  Knock it down, grab
it by the neck, kill it, eat it, digest it, etc...
Perhaps instead of making this an HtH attack consider it a shield "body"
rush.  Treating it exactly like a shield rush (AM p.13) except that if the
target is knocked down the animal is on top of the victim in HtH.  Humans
should be able to do this too.  Treat as a shield rush but if the defender
has a shield add 1 to their ST for each hit that the shield stops.  Ex: A ST
11 defender with a large shield (2 hits stopped) is hit by a "body" rush.
Their adjDX roll would then be 13.  If the attacker misses hitting the
defender they must roll adjDX or fall in front of the defender.  Related to
this is a true shield rush.  If the "body" bash rule is used an attacker
with a shield should receive a bonus to their ST, just as stated above with
the "body" rush defender.  Another change related to the above would be to
the HtH rule.  In order to attack in HtH, the attacker must start engaged to
the defender.

Remember these are just some thoughts to get our imaginative juices flowing
Any thoughts?????

Yours in Cidri,

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