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Re: (TFT) Fantasy Codex & HtH

At 12:34 AM 11/27/99 -0500, you wrote:
>It's been quiet out there so here is another morsel.  I noticed in The
>Fantasy Codex, Metagaming was thinking of making HTH a combat action rather
>than a movement action in TFT:ITL "Second Edition" (FC p. Combat 10).  What
>do you all think????  What about flying tackles???  Animals knocking their
>prey down (my players hated wolves/lions/tigers for this reason). It gave
>wolves a fighting chance.  Does this mean with the rule change that if a
>defender has a higher DX, he could possibly attack twice.  Once for normal
>combat action and the possiblity of roll a 6 on the HtH roll???
>Yours in Cidri,
>Hello Justin, this is Ron Pehr
      HtH does make more sense as a combat action, since the abbreviation
is for "hand-to-hand combat."  I've never quite understood how the original
rule worked anyway, that the guy with a knife or barehanded would suddenly
leap onto the guy with a sword and shield upon which the latter would
politely drop those weapons and continue the battle.  With animals, it made
sense to let them leap into HtH, their sense of tactics is going to be
different and they have natural weapons which take the place of knives
(although it still never made sense why the human fighter would thereupon
throw away his weapons in order to punch or kick a wolf or tiger).  By the
way, does everybody also use some sort of knockdown rule for leaping
creatures that have greater mass?  For example, a tiger weighs more than
anyone smaller than a sumo wrestler, and when propelled by tigerish muscles
the net effect of that mass even if it doesn't bite or scratch should be to
knock a person down.  
    Insofar as giving the HtH attacker a double attack, there doesn't seem
to be any rationale for that.  His "attack" is either striking from arm's
length/weapon's length, or moving directly atop the defender for HtH.


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