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Re: (TFT) Crunching the numbers...

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>>>>>>>>Stan's argument is one-sided though, I think the TFT 
>>>>>>>>system really falls apart when working with tasks of
>>>>>>>>relaxed difficulty.  Take away 1d6 and you are rolling
>>>>>>>>2d6, take away another and you are rolling only 1d6!

This seems like a good thing to me. A while back there was a trend in RPG
design (probably a backlash to 'diceless' roleplaying) to reduce the
importance of dice in games. The upshot was that many companies published
rules with a clause that said essentially "If a task is so easy or an PC is
so good at a task that they have a really good modifier, then no dice rolls
are necessary - just get on with the rollplaying and make it an automatic

I think that TFT has that kind of 'built-in'. TFT doesn't sweat the small
stuff. You've got a good chance, some chance or no chance to perform most
actions. Unless a modifier is really huge, its insignificant. I think this
is fairly accurate for RPG purposes.

>>>>>>>>Using red dice to determine auto success/failure? hmmm...
>>>>>>>>I'll havta give that some thought!

You might want to look at the Star Wars RPG and the d6 system - both of
which use a "Wild Die" similar to this.

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