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Re: (TFT) Discussion: Devils and Demons --> Same thing?

Actually, I quite like the 'mythology' described in the old DragonQuest game
by SPI - there were 5 levels of Demon lords, which contained dozens of
unique demons, and each could grant lesser spirits (devils and imps) to
those who summoned them.  Of course, it was *far* less than a monster-bash
when they were involved.... You just didn't try to fight them, unless you
had no other choice.

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Subject: (TFT) Discussion: Devils and Demons --> Same thing?

> Hi Everyone,
> I have 3 levels of demons in my campaign.
> Demon spawn are about human tough with few magical
> abilities.  They use mob attacks, and bother low level
> NPC's.
> Demons are like the Lesser and Greater Demons from
> TFT.  This category also includes the Azadrar Asassin,
> and the other demons I've seen written up in places.
> Lastly there are the Demon Lords.  They are equivalent
> in power with Naga, Djinn, Efreet and the ka spirits.
> I've never used a Devil in my campaign but they would
> be a couple of levels tougher than a demon lord, but a
> level lower than a god.  Say most devils are on a level
> with Arch-angels.
> I have enough trouble coming up with
> meaningful names for the different super-classes of
> critters, don't destroy a useful division by lumping
> demons and devils together!!!
> (Well I won't anyways...   ;-)
> Rick
> >RE: Fine Armor Manufacturing?
> >Dear all
> >I've been playing Diablo II and enjoying it and have converted Devilkin
> >TFT format on my website
> >http://www.ozemail.com.au/~casliber/tft/intellimonsters.html.
> >Incidentally, how do people and rick feel about separate demons and
> >in theology/demonology?
> >Cas

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