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Re: (TFT) Crossbows Are Too Powerful in TFT or Longbows are Not Powerful Enough

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> Where do these numbers come from?

Found it!

>From my notes:

"Crossbows of medieval and renaissance design were very inefficient devices.
Modern tests indicate that armor-piercing bolts, while heavier than war
arrows, achieved about the same velocity (130-40 fps) from a 700 lb. draw
crossbow as an arrow did from a 80 lb. draw longbow. The initial velocity
imparted to a crossbow bolt is governed by the velocity of the bow tips as
the bolt and string part company. Despite their heavy draw weights, medieval
laths were too massive to accelerate rapidly. This was made worse by short
draw lengths, which reduced the time available for the tips to accelerate.
In addition, the massive bowstrings required for such heavy draw weights
robbed energy from the bolt. Balanced against these faults is the higher
ballistic coefficient of the short, heavy crossbow bolt, as compared with an
arrow. This meant that crossbows often could shoot further and hit harder
than hand bows."  Source: www.ausbow.com.au Crossbow FAQ


"W.F. Paterson (1990) published data from Stephen V. Grancsay about an
experiment comparing a longbow and a crossbow that was spanned with a

Type of Weapon   Draw weight    Bolt weight    Speed of bolt Difference
Longbow            68 lbs.        2.5 oz        133.7 fps      Not much!!
Crossbow          740 lbs        1.25 oz.       138.7 fps      Not much!!"

My comment -- found on a website
(http://www.thebeckoning.com/medieval/crossbow/cross_l_v_c.html) ; comments
indicate that the crossbow could have fired a bolt as heavy as the longbow.
Have not checked out Grancsay's data.


I'll post other info as it becomes available.

--Ty Beard
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