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Re: (TFT) An Even More Radical Re-Imagining of TFT...

At 06:30 PM 1/21/04 -0600, Ty Beard wrote:
Ah, I left out one point -- your blitz or defend number is limited to 1/2 of
your DX (round up). Sorry about that. That handles the problem that you
pointed out of letting really low DX characters abuse the system.

Also, the adjusted number does *not* affect striking order. So low-DX
figures that blitz *will* still get hit first by higher DX figures.

I do not add the blitz bonus for aimed attacks, though a more "realistic"
campaign might allow it. The effect would be to make blitzes very rare.

While this system would work in TFT, it still seems incompatible with your proposed system to combat resolution. That is, if you raise everyone's melee skill by the same amount in your new system, the results are exactly the same, no?

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