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Re: (TFT) An Even More Radical Re-Imagining of TFT...

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From: "Peter von Kleinsmid" <pvk@oz.net>
To: <tft@brainiac.com>

> At 06:30 PM 1/21/04 -0600, Ty Beard wrote:
> >Ah, I left out one point -- your blitz or defend number is limited to 1/2
> >your DX (round up). Sorry about that. That handles the problem that you
> >pointed out of letting really low DX characters abuse the system.
> >
> >Also, the adjusted number does *not* affect striking order. So low-DX
> >figures that blitz *will* still get hit first by higher DX figures.
> >
> >I do not add the blitz bonus for aimed attacks, though a more "realistic"
> >campaign might allow it. The effect would be to make blitzes very rare.
> While this system would work in TFT, it still seems incompatible with your
> proposed system to combat resolution. That is, if you raise everyone's
> melee skill by the same amount in your new system, the results are exactly
> the same, no?

Well, the blitz/defend system is an *alternative* to the new system I
proposed. I don't think I'd use both systems together.

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