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Re: (TFT) Test of general MELEE knowledge, NUMBER IV

On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 08:54, Ed Thorn wrote:
> The archer's player chooses his option, then acts on
> it.  Engaged, he chose the 'last shot with readied
> missle' option.  The results of his option do not
> allow him to un-choose his option.
> He gets no second shot directed at the second orc.  He
> might however shoot again at the first orc, even
> though it's dead.  The archer might miss (it's prone,
> right?), then get to roll to hit the second orc.
> Welcome to the my nightmare.  :)

Hi Everyone, Ed.
   On page 3 of Advanced Melee there is no "Last
Shot with Missile Weapon" option.  I will quote:

"Stand Still or Move One hex and:
Option C:
	Drop to a kneeling or prone position, and / or
fire a missile weapon.  NOTE: If you are engaged you
must drop the missile weapon after firing.  You can 
not reload the missile weapon while you are engaged."

	If we assume that you do not have to drop the
bow (Steve Jackson mentioned in some TSG that you could
defend with a bow, but if it prevented a hit the bow
would be broken).

 	The last sentence, "You can not reload..." is
redundant if the weapon is dropped.  I think it is 
intended to explain WHY you can not fire a missile 
weapon when you are engaged.  But if the guy has 
dropped dead he can not prevent you from reloading.

	However, I would have sworn that some where
SJ explicitly states that you CAN fire a missile weapon
a second time IF all figures engaging you have been
dropped after your last shot.  This is not in SJ errata 
from TSG #29, and it is not in  the Q&A from the Codex.  
I can't spend more time on this, anyone remember / know
where this was mentioned?  

In the rules for Octopus (TSG #13 I believe) SJ said
that an octopus could keep firing a Missile Weapon 
while engaged if at least one arm took the defend
option against any figures engaging it.

	Don't have any more time,  talk to you later.
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